The movement and safe storage of chemicals is a complex process often involving multiple local regulatory bodies as well as international transport rules and regulations, furthermore the role of a chemical distributor in adding value to the supply chain comes from the economies of scale achieved through large volume movements of freight throughout across the world. Our customers also feel better knowing that the raw materials they need in production which are often produced thousands of miles away can be safely stored locally and delivered to them on demand. To that end, Isochem works with a number of key logistical partners in providing tier 1 global logistics services by Land, Sea  and Air

Full Range of Capabilities 


A Large Network of Warehouses in Key Strategic Ports in Global Markets

Our Chemical Distribution Services

Inbound movement of goods into our warehouses come from a fleet of dedicated containers, Iso tanks and vessels and outbound done through a network of specialist chemical carriers equipped with the latest equipment and training to ensure a safe and efficient door to door delivery to our customers. We also offer ancillary services to our customers, such as repack and label, private label, DG documentation and packing as well as arranging for Air Freight.

  • Pails and Repacking

  • Bulk Vessels

  • Rail

  • Bulk Trucks

  • Bulk Containers

  • Drums/IBC/Bags

  • Project Lo

  • Direct Ship

  • Terminals

  • Warehousing

  • DG Documentation

  • Air Freight