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Isochem is a leading global supplier of Polyurethane Additives, we supply a front to end portfolio of commodity and specialty additives suited to the most complex polyurethane formulations.
Our customers are geographically and application diverse, ranging from Flexible Foam producers manufacturing a range a comfort and technical foams, Rigid Foam (Board Stock and Spray), Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers.
Isochem is also a supplier of technology and consumables to the Polyurethane industry, supplying a range of Machinery and Spare Parts, Cutting Tools, Facers for insulation products, Kraft Paper and Film for slab stock production.
Our Polyurethane Portfolio Includes; Isocyanates, Polyester and Polyether Polyols, Catalysts, Flame Retardants, Curing Agents, Processing Aids, Pigments and Dyes and Blowing Agents.
Our Polyurethane technology portfolio includes; metering machines, mix heads, slabstock lines, sandwich panel lines, molded foam lines, technical insulation and spray application lines.
Our Polyurethane Consumables includes; PE Coated Kraft Paper, Film, foam cutting tools, machine spare parts, tank cleaning solvents.