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Personal Care & Cosmetics: Our Products

Chemicals In The Personal Care & Cosmetics Categories

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In Personal Care and Cosmetics, specialty chemicals are essential in enhancing the final product's visual aspect and providing a soft touch, clean feeling, and moisturizing benefits to the end user. To that end, Isochem works closely with additives manufacturers to provide our customers with the suitable additives that help them achieve those distinctive benefits that give their products a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Isochem is a leading distributor of specialty chemicals used in Personal Care and Cosmetic manufacturing. Working with a range of global manufacturers, we source and supply a wide range of high-performance personal care solutions for our local customers involved in producing Hair Care, Skin Care, and Oral products. In addition, we can utilize our relationships with our suppliers to offer product development and formulation recommendations. Our portfolio includes specialty surfactants, conditioners, silicones, and other actives and additives.

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